I am my own kidnapper

I’m going to take myself out of my life now.
I want to pursue the life that I want. I’m not born to just pay bills, earn for a living, and even just to breath.

I’m going to take myself out of the life that I’m going to take. I’m going to change the path that the world wants me to take. I don’t want to just let them take my life out of me.

I’m going to let myself free. Let me have the excitement of having an adventurous life. Let me live extraordinarily. I don’t want to be just a normal being who’s just set to walk in this world. Let me put my own original mark.

The story of being special

So this is just a story of someone who wants to be special. She was born on a not so poor yet not even rich family. Her mom had asthma when she gave birth to her and she has a jeepney driver father. Heavyweight child much she called.

    So far nothing special.

She loves the fact that she was born on a very disastrous date. 12-21 ( just watch the movie 2012 if  you can’t relate tho) .another reason? well, she just likes star signs and being a Sagittarius is her proudest accident.

    She feels special by that fact.

She has been adventurous growing up. Playing with other children in a city with lots of animal-like people. Studying is her hobby. Nothing has learn,just loves the idea of reading books.

   She’s like some other child.

Teen-age days feels so not worthy. Never been kissed, never been touched. I think thats what makes her special. Not ordinary to almost girls at her age. Extraordinary but boring. Continued to become a studious girl.

  Where the hell is special?

College days. Decided to choose a very hard program. Accountancy is the field. Too young to dumb to realize. Made herself go through the process. Hard is better. Nothing that comes easy is ever worth it.

That what she believes is somehow the way to become special.

Should I continue? …


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